Into the serious stuff…

The 12wbt has not even officially started yet and I am already neglecting this blog. I have many excuses that I could tell you, but I’m working really hard to take on the lesson from Mish about challenging your excuses.

So yes, I have been busy, but I haven’t organised myself well enough to update this blog as much as I’d like, or go to the gym as much as I’d like recently. But these are all lessons that I am slowly getting my head around. 

So onto the Pre-Season Tasks. Most of them aren’t interesting enough to write a huge amount about, but I will mention a few…

Goal Setting: It’s funny how putting down in writing can clarify what you really want. I had the ideas in my head of what I wanted to achieve in the end, losing 7-10kg and increasing my fitness to a level where I can easily run a half-marathon, but I hadn’t planned out any of the ‘road’ to get there. This task was wonderful for me to sit down and really nut out what I wanted to achieve and more importantly, WHEN I wanted to achieve it.

Say It Out Loud: This was a toughie for me, and I suspect a lot of other people. I had no problem in committing to myself, I suppose because I have committed to myself in the past, whether I followed through or not… I had no problem committing to Michelle or my fellow members on the forums, maybe because I’m hiding behind a username and surrounded by people who are committing themselves to the journey alongside me. But committing to my boyfriend, my family or my friends? Oooh, the knees started knocking…. I’m lucky. My boyfriend, who I live with, is wonderful and wholly supportive of my goals. So is my family and my sister and I have started texting our HRM calorie counts to each other after gym sessions as extra motivation for each other. But my friends…. I have no doubt they would be supportive.  They’d probably think I was crazy wanting to run a half marathon and be so food-conscious but they would show me support. I’m still too scared to tell my friends just yet, maybe after a week or so of the program, I’ll get into the swing of running and the program will not seem like such a huge mountain to climb after all. Maybe. 

Organise and Diarise: This is causing me a little unease. Being a student I don’t really have the same schedule each week, always with essays and assignments due on different days and weeks, 3 days of class and shift work babysitting to fit in around all of this.. So planning a month (or three) in advance is really really hard. I’m going to try planning “big” events (like my birthday, 24, oh my gosh!) well ahead of time and have already diarised these. But I think my exercise and shopping days, etc will have to be planned a week or so in advance when I have all of the information I need to really commit each thing to a timeslot. I’m hoping this isn’t bending the ‘rules’ too far, but I think it will work best for me… Is anyone else struggling with this? Does anyone have any suggestions??? If you’re one of those amazing people who is organised and can easily plan this sort of stuff I’d love to know some of your tips!

I’ve been trying to walk more, and increase those ‘little’ things, like taking the stairs instead of the escalator, parking in the far carpark, etc, and I’ve definitely been walking a lot more than I used to. Unfortunately the weather isn’t cooperating the way I’d like it to! I’ve been missing the gym a bit recently, having got myself run down and now fighting a cold and a sore throat, but I’ve been trying to walk a lot at least… Hopefully from tomorrow I’ll ease my way back into the gym with a few light workouts and build up again from there. 

I’m getting excited!

Effie xo

Warm Up Challenges

I am a creature of habit. That is something I have already discovered about myself during the warm up to Round 2 of Michelle Bridges 12WBT.

(also, I just figured out how to create links! haha!)

So the warm up challenges were, and still are, a real challenge for me. I am nervous about what this means for what is still to come in this program but I’m fully determined to give it my all.

The drinking less soft drinks and more water was a big one. I was probably single-handedly keeping PepsiCo in business up until a few weeks ago. I lived for Pepsi Max, plus I was a barista up until a few months ago so it’s fair to say I have a loving relationship with good coffee. But I have done the unthinkable and managed to banish caffeine from my life! I can sleep again! Miracle.

The challenge to move 30km’s in a week was a brilliant challenge for me. I’d been putting off getting back to the gym with the same old excuses that I was too time poor and busy. Well, I smashed that goal out of the park by a whopping 14kms! I went to a spin class, got back on that treadmill and powered through 3 gym sessions that week. So I have something to be proud of already!

But that is where the good times end…

I have failed to keep a food diary, probably because I know I’m eating absolute rubbish (creamy carbonara and garlic bread for dinner tonight anyone? Pizza for lunch? Chinese last night?) but in the months since I ran out of steam on my last health kick I have at least managed to keep my portions down/eat and exercise regularly enough that I have maintained my weight, so I am still 5kgs down on my heaviest weight.

This is going to be my biggest challenge. I can get myself to the gym but I am a busy person and a creature of habit. I’m going to need to work very hard on my mindset, to changing my priorities to keep putting myself and my health first. Plus, if I’m going to seriously attempt this half-marathon then I need to be serious about the training that goes with it. Being a student teacher who is greatly interested in student welfare and with graduate program places opening up soon I really need to keep my focus on myself and clean eating. Starting tomorrow! (Which I also said yesterday and the day before, but I can’t be expected to be perfect right from the start and that is also a lesson I need to learn).

Thanks for following along with this post, it’s all over the place, but that is reflecting how I feel pretty accurately right now. Bring on preseason in 3 days time and a gym session tomorrow, my first on a Saturday…. EVER!

Effie xo

Well hi there.


I’ve joined Michelle Bridges 12wbt (www.12wbt.com) for Round 2 and I’ve decided to blog about my progress to try to keep motivated. Read on if you’d like to follow my journey to find my health and (hopefully!) reach my goal of running a half marathon for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre’s (www.asrc.org.au) Run 4 Refugees as part of the Melbourne Marathon. 

I’ve always been told I’m a ‘pocket rocket’ by my friends and family, a nicer way of saying I’m just a short arse. I’m about 165cm tall and I’ve always had a bit of a pot belly. My weight was fairly stable through my teenage years and the first few years of my adult life. When I look back at those photos now I wonder how I could have been unhappy with the body I had. Whilst I wouldn’t have been approached to jump in and replace Miranda Kerr as one of Victoria’s angels, I was a healthy weight, despite the little pot belly. 

Enter boyfriend.

Actually that’s not fair. I started to put on weight around the time I decided to give the boy a go, but I can’t blame my entire situation on ‘happy kilos’. Being in a happy and committed relationship for the first time in a long time played a big part in my putting on weight, but I also lived practically across the road from a shopping complex that boasted a variety of delicious dinner/lunch/snack options. Add laziness to that, a job working in a kiosk, too much alcohol and a denial of the fact that I was getting older… And you’ve got a great big mess. I loved KFC. Loved it. I would occasionally even stop in the drive thru on my way to work for a snack box or some popcorn chicken and then I’d have all kinds of junk that was left over in the kiosk at night. I would eat takeaway several times a week. I didn’t do much in the way of exercise. I was too busy.

By the time I moved out of that house I was at my heaviest weight ever. 74 kilos. I was officially overweight for my height by a long way. Almost ten kilos in fact. One of my new housemates was also overweight and was on a mission to continue losing weight. She’d already lost 20kgs and I thought, if this wonderful woman could put her mind to losing so much and being so dedicated to improving her health then I could too! And I cleaned up my eating and started going to the gym a few times a week…. for about a month. I was unhappy with how I looked and I knew I should do something about it but I wasn’t dedicated. My housemate and I tossed up various options, Jenny Craig, Lite n Easy, etc, but decided against them in the end. We were uni students and couldn’t really afford the luxury of pre-prepared meals. 

Then my beautiful Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was found very early (thankfully) but it was still one of the scariest things to ever happen in my life, and I lost all focus on weight loss and my own health. She had surgery in September and then had to wait until this was completely healed with no swelling or bruising before having 3 months of radiation therapy. I grew up in a rural town and the nearest cancer treatment centre was over 45 minutes away from our house. It was lucky she didn’t have to go to Melbourne, but it took some organising to make sure she always had someone to drive her there and back. 

Then a friend of mine from high school joined Weight Watchers and I thought I would too. Just for their 3 month deal so that I could get my portions under control, learn a few things that I seemed to have forgotten about healthy eating and exercise, and then I would stop and go it on my own. 

The benefit of doing this was it ran over the summer months. My boy was overseas eating wings in the States so couldn’t influence me with his sweet tooth and I was spending 5 or so nights a week in my home town so I could drive my Mum to and from her radiation appointments. Over the 3 months I was on WW I lost 8 kilos. I was so proud of myself! I fit into some clothes I hadn’t fit into in a while, but I still had a way to go to see the kind of results I wanted to see. My membership ran out, my boy came home and uni started for the year again. Suddenly there wasn’t all the time in the world to prepare amazing healthy meals or go to the gym. 

In the last three months I’ve managed to keep the weight off but I haven’t budged any more either. I’m still technically overweight and there’s still a few items of clothing that I fit into in 2010 that I can’t do up right now. 

So I’ve joined the 12wbt team after seeing the success of a friend. I can’t wait to start achieving the goals I’ve set for myself and I feel like I’m in a good place to achieve them. Bring on preseason and the knowledge and confidence that the program will help me gain.

If you’ve read all the way to here thanks for sticking around! I’m hoping to update this blog with my warm-up challenge results, preseason tasks and all my successes, failures and thoughts. 

Effie xo

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